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Monday , November , 11 2019
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$250,000 for Construction and Start Up

250,000 For Future Expansion of Programs, Services and Property

The ache for home lives in all of us. Maya Angelou

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The Need for Temporary Housing and the First Step Building Campaign

In 2017, FCFH assisted 90 households to prevent homelessness. This assistance impacted 215 individuals including 89 children and/or youth. There were an additional 187 in need of housing who were referred to federal housing waiting lists or to shelters 90 miles away.

  • The Hays Housing Authority reports a current waiting list for public housing assistance for 80+ households with a wait time of 12 to 24 months.
  • Surveys conducted in Hays over the past 3 years report 5-21 individuals are homeless & 70+ are at great risk of homelessness.
  • USD 489 reports show 27 students living in doubled up situations due to housing issues.

Housing study commissioned by the City of Hays showed the following conclusions:

  • Housing costs in Hays are much higher than in other areas of the state
  • There is a high ratio of older housing in need of restoration and renovation
  • Households in Hays face “considerable financial strain” due to high housing costs, especially low-income families.

Research show that the consequences of housing instability on children include physical and mental health challenges, learning and academic achievement, higher incidence of involvement with social services and an increased risk of housing instability or homelessness as adults.

The First Step Building Campaign is a capitol campaign to raise needed funds to rennovate our building to provide temporary housing and supportive services.

Program Overview

First Step Housing will offer temporary housing for a number of individuals or families for up to 6 months. This is not an emergency homeless shelter. Particpants must meet criteria of homelessness, commitment, and be drug/alcohol free.

Participants will complete an application and interview for acceptance into the program which could take up to two weeks.

Participants meet with a case manager to develop an action plan and begin taking the first steps needed to succeed.

The program will focus on success in four main areas: stable employment, money management, housing stability and caring for self and family.

First Step Housing will partner and collaborate with other organizations in the community to increase the success of program participants.

All construction will be done at 607 E 13th St. and includes the following:

  • Four bunk rooms with bathrooms (one room is ADA compliant)
  • One Kitchen
  • One Laundry area
  • One office/hallway
  • Heating and AC

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Funded in part by the following: City of Hays United WayECMA